CoastKey on 42" flybridge boat


With CoastKey installed on my Storebro 410 Commander, powered by 2 x Volvo Penta D6, I’ve had 150 engine hours this season without any issues.

Spending a lot of time on the water alone, with small children or friends not used to boats, the CoastKey represents a step change in safety.
Last year I had an incident where my 4 year old daughter accidentally fell and engaged the flybridge throttle while I was on the swim step stowing the fenders and ropes.
Needless to say, I do not dear to think what would have happened if I fell over board and the boat kept going, I got lucky - she pulled the throttle in reverse.

The CoastKey is user friendly, represents no hassle moving around on the boat or in the docks and always works. I’ve not experienced any uncomfortable restrictions docking in the harbour or on the islands, you can move a lot further away from the boat than in the open water.

I’ve chosen to use the extra buttons to control the aft anchor winch. 

The installation was plug-and-play and the proactive after sales follow up from the team at CoastKey team has been superb.

All sailors have experienced Murphy’s Law on the water, and we all know he will come back from time to time. With CoastKey, at least we can swim back, climb on board and go home with a story to tell - unless it is to embarrassing of course ;)

Kjell Borgersen