I feel safe using the CoastKey

When I am out fishing alone, I want safety. After installing CoastKey I feel safe that if I fall overboard the boat will stop and I can rescue myself by getting back on the boat. 
Without CoastKey the boat would have continued away on autopilot and I would not be able to swim to the boat. With CoastKey the boat will stop almost immediately and I can swim to the boat and get back onboard. 

This is the second boat I have this wireless type of unit installed and I am totally satisfied. I even find that the remote start / stop function and remote tilt up / down is quite useful. I have never had any issues with the unit and it fits comfortably with or without wearing a life jacket. The unit also provides additional protection against theft. 

No question about it, I will always have a CoastKey unit on my boat.

Paul Fredriksen