Cormate Boats recommend CoastKey

"Since 2006 we have used Coastkey on our boats, and the product has been proven both robust and reliable. One of the biggest benefits of installing a Coastkey system, is that it is actually being used. Common kill switches (with cord) prevents the driver from moving. Often, the driver found himself unintentional stopping the engine by moving to far from the kill switch. Because of this, the kill switches are often permanent switched off (switch type) or the cord is not attached to the driver.

The Coastkey don’t prevent you from moving. It is also used as ignition and start key and can additionally operate the windlass or other equipment (that alone is a good argument for buying). It would therefore be quite natural for the driver having it strapped/attached to himself. Unlike common kill switches, this ensures that this safety device is actually being used"

Egil Ranvig, Designer, MD, Sale, Cormate Boats