No lives shall be lost at sea

The value of a life can not be measured, neither can the value of safety. The traditional kill switch is often left unused when boating because of challenges caused by the cord. Unfortunately, the lack of use is the biggest challenge of them all. Due to horrendous accidents over the past years, we believe that the kill switch should be prioritized equally to flotation devices on board - and we are pleased to offer you a wireless option.

 Our wireless kill switch has made boating safer since 2007.


new coastkey launched April 2018 

CoastKey wireless kill switch is developed in Norway, and the product is made out of two units: a CoastKey FOB-unit and a start panel that connects directly to the engines ignition system. The CoastKey FOB-unit can be worn around your neck or attached to your lifejacket.

Wireless Kill Switch

If the driver falls over board, the connection will be cut between the CoastKey FOB-unit around your neck and the installed start panel. The engine will then stop immediately.

Wireless Key

It's time to say goodbye to your traditional boat keys. With the new CoastKey FOB you can start and stop up to four engines. The system gives you the opportunity to control anchor winch, bow thruster motor tilt wirelessly. The battery in the FOB unit lasts for about 800 operating engine hours.

CoastKey Start Panel

The start panel will give you the same functions as the wireless CoastKey FOB unit. If you have multiple engine installations you can handle them individually. 

What if I lose the Key Fob?

If you lose your CoastKey FOB, the engine(s) can still be started  by entering a personal pin-code on the installed start panel.

Man over board

Twelve seconds after emergency stop, the remaining crew can start the engine(s) by pushing the start button on the start panel 


You can easily install CoastKey on most gasolin- and diesel engines with "plug and play" cables. 

ORder the new COASTKEY now

EUR  € 499 + VAT (Singel engine installation)