Our story

CoastKey AS consists of a group experienced, Norwegian boaters and our vision is that no lives shall be lost at sea. Together we have spent years developing CoastKey, a quality product that has revolutionized the use of kill switches. Since 2007 we have worked continuously to improve safety at sea.

CoastKey ensures a secure and safe environment for the driver, the crew - and for those waiting at home. We care about your safety.


There are various reasons to spend a day at sea. Some like to cruise around in the sun, some spend the day at sea working, others love to fish, and some simply enjoy a day of fun and water sports.

Life at sea is mostly related to an experience, work or a hobby, but it is just as much about the comfort and safety on board.

Regardless of your purposes at sea, you should not have to choose between safety and freedom, you deserve both. 

The traditional kill switch attach the boat driver to the steering wheel. This is a problem because most drivers desire to move freely when boating.

The lack of freedom and improvement of better security conditions at sea has been our inspiration while developing CoastKey wireless kill switch. The liberating feeling of complete freedom in your own boat should as well as being safeguarded, according to us, set a standard to the whole boating experience.  

CoastKey is developed by Norwegian boaters to withstand Norwegian conditions.

CoastKey AS

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